Shana R. Ginsburg

Shana R. Ginsburg

Shana R. Ginsburg, a graduate of Duke University and University of Maryland Carey School of Law, is  experienced in employment law, education law, and tort liability.  Ms. Ginsburg has tried and won cases in state and federal courts on issues of discrimination, harassment, breach of employment agreements, breach of contract issues, and other employment and education issues.  

Ms. Ginsburg, a former High School English teacher, served as senior counsel (2012-2014) and Associate General Counsel (2014-2015) for a county board of education, where she successful tried and won general liability, employment, constitutional, and civil rights cases (including ADA, §504, §1983, and Title IX claims) in U.S. District Court of Maryland, Prince George’s County Circuit Court, the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Ms. Ginsburg has lectured at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies on legal education matters, including “How to Read a Case” and “How to Brief a Case”. Additionally, Ms. Ginsburg has provided school-wide trainings and presentation materials on legal and administrative regulations on child abuse, neglect, discrimination, harassment, and general tort liability. 

Ms. Ginsburg owns a small private tutoring company, This is Tutoring, where she provides mindful, strategic test preparation to future attorneys and teachers.   In her free time, which is clearly very little, she can be found frequenting a new art gallery or coffee shop with her wife, Sarah.  

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