Employment Lawyer Handling Retaliation / Wrongful Discharge

Employees have the right to refuse to violate the law, even if they are ordered to do so by their employer. In addition, if employees act as whistleblowers, there are many statutes which protect them. If you believe that you have been fired for reporting illegal or unethical conduct or that you were terminated because you refused to violate the law, you may have a claim for wrongful discharge or retaliation, and you should speak with an attorney to learn more about your rights.  

 Retaliation claims also arise when you complain about discrimination, either on your own behalf or on behalf of someone else, and the employer subsequently treats you in an unfavorable way--whether by terminating you, subjecting you to unfair discipline, or harassing you. If you believe you are being retaliated against for opposing discrimination, you should contact our experienced attorneys to learn more about your rights by scheduling a free consultation today. 

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